Create the buzz before, during and after your event with Pictawall

Events are the perfect moment to activate fans. During events, people like to share their experience on social media. Event organisers can benefit from the momentum to get worldwide exposure and deliver their message. It is then an opportunity for events to analyse and understand the trending topics that are resonating within their audience in order to better understand their expectations. Consider Pictawall to create buzz before, during and after your event.


Pictawall helps event organisers to collect the best pictures and videos shared by their attendees on social media with #yourhashtag and publish them live on their event screens. As everyone wants to have their minute of fame, participants simply can’t stop sharing once they have appeared on the pictawalls.

Pictawall tweetwall event

To keep the buzz going after the event, Pictawall publishes all these visual recommendations from happy attendees into the event website and Facebook page, turning it into a highly social destination. To drive engagement, Pictawall also organises photo contests by asking online visitors to vote for their favourite snaps.

And the best part is that it can help you generate extra revenues from your sponsors. The social media walls are indeed natural eye-catchers, you can monetise them by integrating your sponsors’ logos and promotional videos and get a real return on investment on your social media activation.

Looking for an innovative approach to boost your event and get extra revenues from your sponsors? Look no further. Get in touch with us before May 15th and get 10% discount on your activation.

Pictawall tweet media wall event conference