Speed networking: the recipe of a good business blind date


As highlighted in our previous post How to facilitate networking at business events?, we know how difficult it can be to engage a conversation with a stranger at events. But we also believe that networking is key to guarantee the attendees’ satisfaction.

In light of that, we initiated a new interactive activity at the STIMA Congress 2015 to encourage the participants meeting with each others during a short and limited period of time.

Introducing Of”Cores business blind date

The recipe is simple, here is what you need:

two strangers
a cosy place (like a retro beetle)
a sand-timer
a nice giveaway
a facilitator

Use the facilitator to bring together two strangers into the beetle. Let them choose the timing and put the sand-timer on!

Business Blind date

When there’s no time left, cordially invite the participants to leave their seats to other guests. You will observe that they usually keep chatting afterwards! We also noticed that 100% of the participating guests exchanged business cards to keep in touch for future business!

To bring this idea to the next level, it is also possible to facilitate the dialogue by providing a series of three to five random questions on a mobile tablet to the participating delegates. It helps them to initiate the conversation with a selection of icebreaker questions.

Lastly, bear in mind that communicating about your networking activity is essential to attract guests to participate in the business blind date. Social media can be a powerful tool to do some buzz before, during and after the event.

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