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As an industry leader, Of’’Cores understands well the value of event management. Events are the effective tool used by companies to successfully deliver their strategic marketing and communication objectives. From new product launches, congresses, incentives to press conferences, companies invest heavily in promotional events to help them communicate with many audiences from customers to investors and the media.

Consider Of’’Cores, as your partner in event marketing, we will help you to generate better quality events that will draw more attendees by applying the most effective inbound and outbound marketing techniques available in the market today. Events are an important part of the marketing mix. Of’’Cores’ experts will supplement your own strategic tools and help you to deliver a powerful combination of offline and online activities essential to your marketing strategy execution.

Let Of’’Cores help your company deliver better results by:

  • Building a strong marketing strategy: A clearly defined strategy including marketing objectives, strategies, target audience and communication channels for your event will build strong pillars in your event outreach.
  • Identifying and improving your reach to your target audience: Generating leads and helping you to convert prospects into clients.
  • Building your brand equity and creating more awareness: Once we know your audience, we communicate trough their trusted channels.
  • Creating memorable online and offline experiences: Your event needs to be communicated through the right promotion channels to boost attendance and satisfy your guests:
    Event website: Design and maintenance of your event website which can include the event programme, general information, speakers list, registration tool, news page etc.
    Social media management: Editorial calendar, publications and moderation of your social media activities on a daily basis.
    Creative design: Creation of logos, website design, collaterals, banners, roll-ups, back-drops, beach flags that match your event positioning and will impress your audience
    Event newsletter: Design and publication of your event’s newsletter
    Event blog: Design and publication of articles on your event’s blog to drive traffic to your event website and inform your audience on their preferred topics
    Targeted promotions: Creation of attractive promotions to push registrations.
    Media & PR: Managing your event’s press relations, articulation of media strategy, establishment of media partnerships, drafting press releases, sneak previews and coordination of video interviews.
    Goodies: Gathering out-of-the box goodies in a goodie bag to offer to your attendees.
    Social media wall/Tweet wall: Interact with your audience through a live social media integration solution. This is also a great tool to engage your audience.

At Of’’Cores we know strategy, creativity and innovation are the keys to success. We help you to inspire your audiences, by creating memorable experiences and connecting with your audiences in refreshing new ways.

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