Get to know Of"Cores better!


Reliable business relationships usually start by meeting people. Getting to know each other enables a two-ways collaboration with transparency and trust as prerequisites. Today we’re pleased to share with you who is behind Of”Cores, so you get to know the team a little better!

Our team of experts is growing

As Of”Cores’ activities have increased exponentially since the launch of the company, the team grew in parallel to support new businesses.

Benedicte We are thrilled to introduce you to Bénédicte Blondel, our Marketing Expert who started early 2015. After being the Communications Manager at the European digital advertising association IAB Europe and Marketing Manager at Yahoo!, she has chosen to join the Of”Cores team. Bénédicte can assist you in building up your event marketing strategy and is the eagle-eye of the team!

In order to present you our team members and their expertise, we have recently released a  Team page in our website: meet the team!

The Of”Cores Infographic

Sometimes graphics can be more revealing than conventional writing. The team at Of”Cores has put together an infographic that illustrates our activities, values and team spirit.

This infographic aims to summarize who we are and what we do – as well as what we don’t do! Check it out:

Infographic Of CoresIf you enjoyed this first introduction to Of”Cores’ team of passionate experts, we would be glad to meet you in person to discuss how we can help your business: let’s schedule a meeting together!

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