Event destination in the spotlight: Malta


The Maltese Islands are being described as one big open-air museum. They offer a variety of magnificent castles, palazzos and forts as function venues. Also romantic village squares, luxury yachts and exclusive sea-front facilities are part of Malta’s unique look.

The complex history of Malta and its location between Africa and Europe result in an interesting cultural blend. This leaves many traces in Maltese food, architecture, personality of the locals etc.  No wonder there are many business event opportunities between Valletta, St. Julian’s bay and Gozo. However, one may question whether Malta is also an attractive event destination. The answer is simple: absolutely! Besides the climate being very pleasant most of the time and the easy accessibility of the island by plane, most historical buildings can be rented with the right connections!

Gozo Malta

Though, we would like to point out that besides this potential a combination of an experienced event management company and the right destination management company is a necessity.  Malta is a small island so you need good connections with the local suppliers. There is no need to explain this is part of the success or failure of your event. In addition, we work together with three international hotels that meet our high standards and guarantee a smooth and perfect stay.

Conclusion: Malta and Gozo suit several types of events perfectly and are ideal to fulfill the goal to have a luxury atmosphere in a sunny destination. If you would consider Malta as your next destination, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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