Engage your audience with an interactive event tool: the Idea Wall


What is the Idea Wall?

The Idea Wall creates added value for your event and provides an interactive experience with your audience. Installed in the middle of your traffic zones it will offer the opportunity to your visitors to give their views and their thoughts about some specific questions.  It shows to your audience that their opinion matters and that an event can become a collective intelligence rather than a monologue between key-note speakers and visitors.  By combining technologies like tweet walls and apps but also physical desks, nobody should feel excluded to contribute and participate actively.

How does it work?

Two months before your event, you can invite your audience to start the discussion connecting them by downloading the event app and starting the conversation related to some specific topics.  You can also propose your audience to submit their own topics.  A lab manager will animate, filter and increase the interactions with your audience warming-up the debate.  During the event, each topic will be illustrated on the Idea Wall and some open discussions will also be scheduled proposing active contributors to meet face-to-face and to attract new visitors to join.  Research managers will put the ideas on the wall, will draw concepts and will develop a shower of fresh thoughts providing you as event organizer some useful insights and additional crowd sourced ideas.

Continuing the dialogue with your audience after the event is crucial. It avoids the next day feeling of “business as usual”.  You have to capitalize on the learnings and the enthusiasm you created during the event by inviting the visitors or absents to continue the debate using the app.  After a month of open dialogue, the lab manager and research manager will create an output leaving traces of what your audience developed.  A digital magazine, a printed magazine, a poster, a pop-up exhibition, a product or any other idea should be provided to your visitors showing that their active participation and intelligence matters and had an impact.

Check out this video to see the Idea Wall by Your Own Lab in action, during The World Bank Replenishment event at The Egg Brussels in June 2014:

Why use the Idea Wall?

The Idea Wall and the Yola – Your Own Lab App – are the right tools to engage a dialogue with your audience, to turn their experience into a living lab and to build your community of active engagers.  Stretching your event investment over a longer period of time should improve your ROI but should also fill the gap before the next meeting will happen…

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Contact: Alain Heureux
Website: www.yourownlab.com
Idea Wall page: www.yourownlab.com/ Idea Wall


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