6 tips to tweet successfully at an event

How to tweet successfully at an event

You’re attending a top-notch conference and want to let your followers know? Live-tweeting is a great way to engage with your audience and get involved in a conversation around a specific topic. Keep in mind that this online tool requires a strategic approach. No one pays attention to a blurry visual and using too many hashtags is annoying. You need to provide value by posting a useful, educational tweet and qualitative, powerful pictures.

To stay performing while live-tweeting, we give you some tips:


Infographics twitter OfCores


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8 stats you didn't know about business events

We’ve compiled a list of 8 business events related stats to help you better understand attendees expectations and challenges faced by event organisers around the globe.

 50% of B2B companies say the biggest challenge in throwing an event is getting people to respond to invites. (Hubspot)

88% of event professionals said using an event app had a positive impact on attendee satisfaction. (Guidebook)

86% of event attendees rate an event app as a top 3 aspect that made their time at an event more enjoyable. (Guidebook)

83% of corporate marketers say that events drive sales better than awareness (Chron)

20-30 minutes : Amount of time preferred by attendees for a presentation (single-speaker event). (MPI Meetings Outlook – 2016 Summer Edition)

74% of event attendees say that they have a more positive opinion about the company, brand, product or service being promoted after the event. (EMI & Mosaic)

66% of people attending an event engage in online activities during the event. (Bizzabo)

30% of event attendees tickets purchasers look up future events from the same organiser after they’ve attended an event. (Bizzabo)

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How to build a successful event website

Your event website is an essential part of your event marketing strategy. It gives your attendees the first impression on your event: consider it as part of the overall experience.

The website generally acts as the core repository for online information about the event. Besides creating awareness, its objective over time is also to drive registrations to your event.

Whether you decide to work with your in-house webmaster or an external trusted expert, keep in consideration that having a knowledge of the event business can really make a difference when designing the event website. Having an effective website will put your event on your potential attendees’ top of mind.

Here are some key tips on how to design an effective website for your next congress or conference.

1. Provide immediate information

A good website navigation can sensibly impact registration rates. The expected information must be found within a few clicks: if your visitor is looking for the timing of the event, he should get this information within a few seconds.

A typical navigation menu will comprise of:

An attractive landing page highlighting the value proposition of your event
Speakers presentation with pictures, biography, links to their social profiles or websites
Programme agenda displaying the streams, rooms, speakers and highlighting any networking opportunities
Registration information including pricing and how to sign up
Sponsors section showcasing your partners logo and links to their websites
Practical information including date, travel and hotel arrangements
About section and contact information about the organiser
Legal information: copyright, cancellation policy and legal terms
Other optional sections including press and media page or a blog

2. Connect with interactive features

To enable your guests to already network days before the event, think about including a section that promotes your event App and link to the App Store or Android Store where the guests can download it straightly. Another option would be to place a QR code to be scanned on-screen.

Social Hubs like Pictawall also enable visual conversations within your participants thanks to an aggregated social media online wall. Find an example here.

Be sure to mention how the participants can connect with the organiser, with social media icons linking to your main social networks for example.

3. Create valuable and eye-catchy content

The content must be informative and include sufficient call to action to convert an interested visitor. Pictures and videos from past editions are great opportunities to share the atmosphere of your conference through a past edition.

Once the event has passed, maintain the website updated at all times to keep the conversation going with post-event information such as presentations, video interviews, press coverage and pictures.

4. Adjust technical features that will make your good website great

By 2018, it’s expected people will spend more than two and a half hours on their phones and an hour and 20 minutes on their computers*. Responsive design – allowing your website to adapt to the device your users are viewing it on – is a must!

While images must be qualitative, consider optimising their size to reduce the load time. The readers don’t want to wait to get the information they need.

Need help to build your event website?
Of’’Cores event managers can assist your company on this specific aspect of your event communications or organise your event from A to Z, with no obligation to collaborate on the long term. Shall we meet to discuss your needs?

*Source: Digiday http://digiday.com/media/mobile-overtaking-desktops-around-world-5-charts/

Advice from an event manager for your EU institutional event

10 golden rules from our expert in institutional events

If you’re considering organising an event, the following advice might be useful to you.

1 – Negotiate and communicate continuously with suppliers since the beginning.
It is time consuming but essential to the success of your project! Select the right suppliers for the right mission, nowadays you only want to work with experts. Your weakest supplier might be a real threat to the success of your project.

2 – Organise a site inspection at the venue.
This allows you to better visualise the event and its floor plan and establish the overall schedule.

3 – If hosting a series of events, try to host them in the same venue.
It will help you reducing your costs and investment. In addition, they might make you an interesting offer the following year.

4 – Look for any public event that could harm yours.
What’s going on the same day as your event? If your event takes place in the Brussels EU area, ensure there is no European Summit on this day.

5 – Optimise your costs.
If your dates are flexible, try to select calmer days. This will allow you to negotiate better deals with suppliers. In case it takes place during the peak season, make sure to book all suppliers a long time in advance. Sometimes investing in technology can also save a lot of money, as it contributes to increase your overall efficiency.

European event organisation - Translation services6 – Build your suppliers network.
A/V companies, catering, translation services, photographers, video crew, venues, goodies… Maintaining a trustful relationship with all your suppliers is crucial. You need suppliers that will go the extra mile for you, that think together on how to add value to your event. Everything moves so fast nowadays that your network of suppliers is a crucial element in order to set up a top-notch project.

7 – SPOC is his name.
A SPOC, Single Point Of Contact, will make your life much easier! If you want to outsource a bunch of tasks, make sure you can outsource them to one person who understands your needs and who will deal with any kind of issues.

8 – Manage administrative tasks on a daily basis.
Never neglect your administrative duties. A close follow-up of your in/out invoices and a rigorous monitoring of the financial stability of the event are especially relevant.

9 – Get prepared to organise travel & hotel arrangements.
Your guests, VIP’s and speakers might need support before and during their stay.

10 – Increase the reach of your event.
Live broadcast, webinar, presentation sharing… Engage your audience and allow guests to participate even if they are not able to join physically.

Working as a Project/Communications Manager at a European institution?

You probably know how difficult it is to deal with event management & event communications, as events are typically challenging peaks throughout the season. Your organisation doesn’t necessarily have the resources to hire one or several full-time employees to fill these gaps, you might be interested in the services of an event manager. Freelancer, short-term contract or task force, your challenge is to find the right person – without making any compromise on the quality of your event!

You need to plan working groups, press conferences, member state visits, internal meetings or VIP dinners but don’t know how to manage?

Of’’Cores provides worldwide event services for short to long term projects. Our experts in domains such as event management, event marketing and communications and event technology can assist your organisation on a specific or recurring event, with no obligation to collaborate on the long term. Let’s meet!










10 reasons to hire Of”Cores as your corporate event planner

Save time

Organising events is time consuming, especially if you’re not a specialist. Let Of”Cores secure the right venue and manage all different suppliers. You will not only save time, but also save costs, eliminate risks and get your event on the rails efficiently. While we focus on building a successful event that matches your needs, you can focus on your core business.

Forget about stress

No need to worry about the pre-production, event logistics and last-minute requests. In case you underestimate it, keep in mind that event management was ranked n° 5 most stressful job by Forbes! Our flexibility remains one of our strengths and our event managers will take care of every single detail before, during and after your event.

A trustful 24/7 partner

Our event managers guarantee a smooth and top-notch event experience. If questions or problems arise, you can be sure that our event team will handle the situation immediately and with the right discretion. During the event, our team is available at all time for clients, attendees, partners and suppliers.

Event service from A to Z

Not only the planning, monitoring, supplier negotiation but also sponsorship management, decoration and online registration are part of our job. And yes, you can call us whether you need support to create a full event experience or only to manage one specific aspect of your event.

Promote your event

Your event needs to be part of your marketing mix. Our experts help you to create strategies applied to your event by activating the suitable marketing touch points in order to generate measurable business results.

Meet your budget expectations

Wondering how you can actually save money by hiring an event manager? Over the years, Of”Cores has build a broad network of the best suppliers and partners worldwide. We know where to get the best value for money for each aspect. Thanks to our long-term relationships with them, we help you to keep additional costs to the strict minimum.

Bring out creativity & innovation

We follow the latest trends in all aspects related to events to make the most out of the most recent innovative ideas. Your event will be the first to play with the latest trends. Our team loves to brainstorm on finding the right creative concept, so please challenge us!

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things. We do both for you.

It’s all about technology

Technology is an ongoing process and evolves rapidly. On one hand, we invest in technology to work faster and more efficiently. On the other hand, technology can improve and facilitate certain requirements such as networking, brand awareness, lead generation, ROI measurement, etc.

International network

We plan and organise international events on a daily basis. Of”Cores has built a large network of partners, which makes it easier to find the best suppliers almost anywhere in the world. We invest time to stay informed on different hotspots worldwide and have connections to make the unthinkable possible.

Sit back, relax & enjoy

A fun team of professionals covers your project. You will not only exceed expectations, on top of that you will enjoy and have fun in your project. We might suffer a bit, but that’s what we love – we are passionate about events!

Need some support to set up a top-notch event? Get in touch with the team today!

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Event technology: why we love the combo etouches/Tapcrowd

In September 2015, event management software company etouches acquired the Belgian-based mobile technology company Tapcrowd (read the full story). Always on the lookout for innovative tools that increase events’ efficiency, we are proud to be one of the first companies to use etouches – Tapcrowd solutions.

Of”Cores’ Managing Director Jean-Baptiste de Bock was pleased to give an interview to explain how Of”Cores integrated these solutions in our business to offer a seamless process for our clients.

Watch the video to learn more about how we use event technology to create unique and interactive event experiences:

Read the full case study:

case-story etouches - Tapcrowd

Looking to improve your event efficiency? Get in touch to learn more about what we can do for your business.


Checklist: your step-by-step guide to a successful event

Generosity is a crucial aspect of entrepreneurship, therefore we are delighted to offer you an early Christmas gift: a simplified checklist to a successful event.

Project planning, keeping the overview on all elements and a pro-active approach are some key aspects to succeed in your event.

At Of”Cores we make sure to determine each and every step of the event management, in combination with strategic communication planning and a detailed timeline, mapping all responsibilities. Successful events usually start with thorough preparations before, outstanding customer-oriented service during and a comprehensive follow-up after the event.

Curious about our way of delivering high quality, memorable and inspiring events, every time?

After a first infographic introducing who is behing Of”Cores, the team has put together a new infographic to guide you on your way to the ultimate goal: an extraordinary event!

Guide To A Successful Event - Of Cores

Inspired by the way we work? We would be happy to team up with you to create an unforgettable event experience, let’s schedule a meeting together !


How to facilitate networking at business events?

Increase networking at events with the Matchmaking App feature!

Events are unique opportunities to meet and being introduced to new people.
But it appears that engaging a conversation with unknown people at an event can be challenging for most attendees.

Today, corporate event organisers are willing to facilitate networking at business events simply because this is one of the success factors that guarantees attendees’ satisfaction after an event. The more connections and potential leads they build, the more likely they are going to recommend the event.

App Networking ConferenceHow to facilitate networking at business events?

Since we love to be on the lookout for innovative and technological tools, Of”Cores decided to collaborate with TapCrowd to help people to network at events. Our registration platform is connected to the Tapcrowd app, a unique collaboration with impressive results!

TapCrowd helps companies, organisations and events to connect with their audience through mobile apps and mobile campaigns. They created in collaboration with Of”Cores a great Matchmaking module that can be included within our clients’ dedicated event App.

The Attendees List and Matchmaking modules allow registered attendees to:

Search a company or name in the full list of attendees
Find a suggestion of 20 “matching” profiles within the attendees list, based on business-related characteristics provided during registration
Send on-site meeting request to other attendees, with an agreed timing and pre-defined meeting point in the venue
Connect with other attendees on LinkedIn
Write direct messages to other attendees

Based on the guests’ profile while preserving privacy, TapCrowd’ rocket-science algorithm matches attendees with others, encouraging them to connect and meet onsite through the user-friendly App.

Why you should use the Matchmaking feature?

Networking at events

Networking becomes a lot easier for your attendees before, during and after your event.

The attendees can come prepared with a view on the guest list and decide in advance the key people they want to meet during the event for business purposes.The day(s) of the event, they send a quick meeting request and meet at the agreed time and location at the venue. After the event, they can follow-up easily by email or LinkedIn.

As event organiser, we make sure that the App is well integrated within the event planning and logistics, for example by creating digital visuals to promote the App usage onsite and creative meeting points at strategic locations.

Lastly, the meeting points can be an excellent visual opportunity to position your partners. By sponsoring the networking areas, they can create an inspiring experience for the attendees and position their brand as a business enabler. The guests will remember it, sponsors will love it!

Looking for an innovative approach to boost business connections at your next event? Looking to extend the life cycle of your event and maximize the ROE (Return On Event)?

Get in touch with us today at info@of-cores.com to setup your dedicated Event App!

Engage your audience with an interactive event tool: the Idea Wall

What is the Idea Wall?

The Idea Wall creates added value for your event and provides an interactive experience with your audience. Installed in the middle of your traffic zones it will offer the opportunity to your visitors to give their views and their thoughts about some specific questions.  It shows to your audience that their opinion matters and that an event can become a collective intelligence rather than a monologue between key-note speakers and visitors.  By combining technologies like tweet walls and apps but also physical desks, nobody should feel excluded to contribute and participate actively.

How does it work?

Two months before your event, you can invite your audience to start the discussion connecting them by downloading the event app and starting the conversation related to some specific topics.  You can also propose your audience to submit their own topics.  A lab manager will animate, filter and increase the interactions with your audience warming-up the debate.  During the event, each topic will be illustrated on the Idea Wall and some open discussions will also be scheduled proposing active contributors to meet face-to-face and to attract new visitors to join.  Research managers will put the ideas on the wall, will draw concepts and will develop a shower of fresh thoughts providing you as event organizer some useful insights and additional crowd sourced ideas.

Continuing the dialogue with your audience after the event is crucial. It avoids the next day feeling of “business as usual”.  You have to capitalize on the learnings and the enthusiasm you created during the event by inviting the visitors or absents to continue the debate using the app.  After a month of open dialogue, the lab manager and research manager will create an output leaving traces of what your audience developed.  A digital magazine, a printed magazine, a poster, a pop-up exhibition, a product or any other idea should be provided to your visitors showing that their active participation and intelligence matters and had an impact.

Check out this video to see the Idea Wall by Your Own Lab in action, during The World Bank Replenishment event at The Egg Brussels in June 2014:

Why use the Idea Wall?

The Idea Wall and the Yola – Your Own Lab App – are the right tools to engage a dialogue with your audience, to turn their experience into a living lab and to build your community of active engagers.  Stretching your event investment over a longer period of time should improve your ROI but should also fill the gap before the next meeting will happen…

logo Your Own Lab

Contact: Alain Heureux
Website: www.yourownlab.com
Idea Wall page: www.yourownlab.com/ Idea Wall


4 steps to green your event by Isabelle Heureux


Every year over 80 million people around the world attend a meeting or conference, and even more attend trade shows or exhibitions.

Any gathering, such as a meeting or conference, has negative environmental implications – arising for example from participants travelling to the meeting; heating and cooling the venue; the materials provided to participants; the catering for their meals. They consume natural resources (energy, water), generate waste cause local air and water pollution, and contribute to climate change through greenhouse gas emissions.

A Green Event is one designed, organized and implemented in a way that minimizes negative environmental impacts.


Greening your meeting will reduce the direct environmental impact of it, but should also leave a positive and lasting legacy to our community.
A number of opportunities and benefits can be identified, for the organizers, the participants, the service providers and for the local region; cost savings, environmental innovation, awareness raising, positive reputation and many more.


Isabelle Heureux - Green Event Expert

Isabelle Heureux | Photography © Bob Nicol

As an established designer I have found the challenge very inspiring so I started to select a number of environmental friendly materials to decorate the venue.
Then I developed a clear and easy procedure in order to achieve green operational goals.

The procedure I propose will consist of two core sections:  “What to know” – the background and justification for looking at the environmental impact of a meeting, and “What to do” – a practical checklist during the implementation phase.

Following the event I will produce a final report which will clearly highlight where the successes lay and where improvements could have been made. The report will judge the event on several green event criteria including air quality, waste management, water conservation, energy efficiency and the effective use of alternative green consumer items.

The report will also enable you to benchmark against previous years’ data, and compare your event against others.


The idea came from over three years experience helping redesign and renovate a post-industrial building in Brussels into a modern and sustainable venue suitable for international events, conferences, exhibitions and artistic performances.

For three years I saw many very different beautiful events being organized and being dismantled at The Egg and I was shocked by the amount of wastage they produced; several containers’ full and not only with paper and cardboard, but also food, furniture, flowers, etc and this only after a one-day event!

Talking to event-planners I realized they were indeed very concerned about the problem but unable to find the time to do something about it. Some of them even encouraged me and they shared their own experience with me. That’s how it all started really; very naturally.


We all want to produce events that reach our business objectives, but the environmental footprint of meetings large and small is gaining increasing attention; all have an impact on the world we live in.

If we could start with little easy things on a regular basis it would make a huge difference at the end of the year! Just like we would do at home; recycling our waste, saving energy, using the bike or public transport rather than the car, but also banning disposable plastic bags, thinking twice before buying consumables, avoiding useless packages, and many more. All initiatives can make a real difference!

The greening of an event is a continuous process.


1 free coaching meeting
Value of the offer: 300 €
This offer is limited to the first 10 companies that will contact
Isabelle Heureux from Of”Cores




Contact: isabelle@isabelleheureux.com
Website: www.isabelleheureux.com




How to increase event efficiency with event management, websites & registration software?

Full-option event websites as from € 700 only
Since event management costs a lot of time and hard work, Of”Cores decided to invest in outstanding software that covers many vital aspects of the event planning lifecycle in order to improve your event efficiency.

Besides modules for budgeting, project management, scheduling, communication, call for papers, seating and many more, the software allows us to create your personal event website and full-option registration. We efficiently set up a customised website, including a registration module with the purpose to optimise attendee, speaker and exhibitor registrations for both your internal and external events. Event efficiency is key!

Event websites and registration – Features and benefits:

  • Event efficiency software website Of CoresCustomised event website with personalised URL with unlimited tabs as from € 700 only!
  • A user-friendly registration process
  • Possibility to book hotel rooms within the registration page
  • Convenient and secure online payment for your guest’s event and hotel bookings
  • Automated invoicing
  • All administration managed for you
  • An incredible service-minded team at your disposal

This combination of innovation, automation and top-notch service gives us the opportunity to deliver you an exclusive product that is efficient and provides your attendees with a professional first impression of your event.

Of”Cores offers you event websites and registration as you have never experienced before! Contact us at info@of-cores.com for more information or a price quote.


An application to transform your phone into a microphone

What is Crowd Mics?

Crowd Mics is an application that turns the audience’s smartphone into a wireless microphone. It means that the audience can talk through their phone and be heard over the sound system, so everyone has a wireless microphone. Crowd Mics also includes text commenting and polling and is very user friendly.

The concept of Crowd Mics has arisen while the two brothers, Sean and Tim Holladay, were in a meeting and couldn’t hear the audience questions or comments. It suddenly hit co-founder Sean: “I can FaceTime someone across the world and see and hear them fine, but I can’t hear that person in the room with me. Why can’t I use my phone as a wireless microphone?”

How does it work?

The speaker on stage plugs an iOS or Android device into the room’s sound system using the Crowd Mics app and creates an event name with password. Everyone downloads the free Crowd Mics app, connects to the same wireless router and joins the event. Now the audience can participate with voice commenting, text commenting and polling.

When someone wants to ask a question or make a comment, the person simply needs to tap the “Request to Talk” button on their device, and the presenter will see a list of people who want to talk in the order of the requests.

Why use Crowd Mics?

Crowd-mics-logo– The app doesn’t require an Internet connection
– You can download the app for free
– You don’t need to provide everyone with microphones
– The focus is less on the mic and more on the discussion
– It generates true interaction and participation

Discover Crowd Mics’ benefits at one of the next Of”Cores events!


How to use an Event App to Capture Leads and Get Some Attendee Love

As part of your overall marketing efforts, you’ve probably had to organize an event, such as a conference or a seminar. Events are unique opportunities to meet new people and get new leads, but they also allow you to capture product interests from visiting prospects.

Obviously, hosting an event is a major investment of time and resources, and it can be a challenge to get the highest return on your investment. You have a limited period of time to talk with as many people as possible, and the chances are that you’ll end up missing out on a lot of valuable lead information. So, until cloning yourself becomes a viable option, a mobile app for your event might be the perfect solution.

While event apps have become pretty standard for professional events, they’re rarely used for lead capturing – and that’s a shame. If your event app provides value to your attendees, they’ll use it, and the more they use the app, the more information you could potentially collect.

Provide the Perfect Event App

The first step is to build and publish an event app that your attendees will love using. Your app should be so good that people will forget to look up from their smartphones during the keynote…just kidding.

Your ideal event app will be used by attendees before, during, and after the event. Before the event, they’ll want to browse and select speaking sessions to attend. During the event, the app helps them find their way around, see the agenda, and to meet other attendees or representatives from your company. Afterwards, the app can be used to review slides, papers, or brochures that were bookmarked during the event. An excellent event app can be a Swiss army knife in the pocket of your attendees. Here are some features your event app should include:

 Basic event information. First things first: your app should provide all of your event’s practical details. The location, with easy click-through for driving instructions, the schedule of the event, information on parking, public transport, hotels, etc.

Floorplan. For larger events, a floorplan is useful, so people can easily find exhibitor booths, rooms, and other useful places – think restrooms, bars, and elevators.

Tracks, sessions, and speakers. Include detailed information on speaking sessions, speakers and their bios, and, if applicable, session tracks.

Personal agenda. Mobile apps are more powerful when they are personal. A personal agenda allows the attendee to select sessions from the list and make a personal program. The app can also alert the user shortly before a next session starts.

Personal “conference bag”. A personal “conference bag” is a feature that attendees can use to bookmark whatever they find interesting during your event: speakers, other attendees that they meet, papers, slides from speakers, etc. Bookmarking should be done easily by selecting items in the app, or by scanning a QR code.

Networking for attendees. People attend events for two reasons: to learn, and to meet other people (it’s a bit like high school, remember?). You can publish an attendee list in your event app, and allow people to send messages to other attendees through the app – while preserving privacy, of course.

Live voting and Q&A. If you really want to boost interaction between speakers and your audience, and guarantee everyone in the room stays awake, consider live voting and live Q&A through the app. With live voting, audience members answer polls, and results are displayed on a large screen. In Live Q&A, they use the app to type a question, which is then displayed and answered. If you’ve got a tough crowd, you may want to screen questions before they’re displayed.

Push notifications with last minute announcements. Use your event app to stay in touch with attendees throughout the event. You can send out push notifications with last minute announcements, to promote a session, or my personal favorite: “The bar is open, you’re welcome to mingle”.

Promote Your Event App

Once your app is ready and published to the app stores, you’ll need to promote the app – with strong promotion, event apps can reach an adoption rate of 80% of attendees.

Before the event. You’ll want to promote the event app the moment people register for your event. Immediately provide a download link – preferably on the registration confirmation page. Highlight the benefits of your app e.g. “discover who else is coming” – and use screenshots to make the page even more attractive. It may sound obvious, but I’ll mention it anyway: you should promote your app in mailings before the event.

At the event. Posters and QR codes are great ways to promote your app during the event. A good practice is to make a standard slide that is shown at the beginning of each session, asking audience members to “download these slides with our app.” At the end, show a slide asking them to rate the session through the app. Ratings provide you with instant feedback, so you’ll know which speaker to ask again next time.

Capture Lead Information in Your Event App

An event app is not only a great service for your audience – it’s also a “sensing device” that captures lead information for your sales team. As I said before, most event apps are not used for lead capturing, which is a missed opportunity. You’d be amazed by the valuable information an event app can provide.

Important side note: if you’re going to collect lead information, make sure you inform your app users and get an opt-in.

Forms. Include short forms in your app that can be filled out to request information on specific topics, products, or services. These forms can be linked to content inside the app – you might link a form about a topic to a related session in the agenda. Keep your forms short, as they’ll be completed on a smartphone.

In-app user profiling. If you have a lead scoring algorithm, you can measure the user’s activity in the app. When a user adds a session to their agenda, for example, it might increase the “lead score” of that user for a certain topic. If a user attends sessions on product A, and bookmarks slides on product A, you can be pretty sure that user is interested in product A.

Sounds complicated? Start by emailing information to attendees after the event, based on the contents of their “conference bag.” It can be as simple as providing the slides of sessions after the event, or accompanying those slides with brochures and other collateral.
I hope I’ve convinced you to put an event app on top of your priority list – not only to capture leads, but to improve the value of your audience’s experience.  Don’t forget to include some amazing speakers… I’m available, especially in sunny locations close to a beach.

Written by Niko Nelissen – CEO, Tapcrowd
Interested in setting up an App for your next event? Get in touch to get more information and rates.