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The RTO Innovation Summit 2018


For the first edition of The RTO Innovation Summit, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft partnered-up with Of”Cores to manage their conference, together with 9 other European Research and Technology Organisations (RTO).

The conference took place on 6 and 7 November 2018 at the Metropole Hotel Brussels and covered several topics in line with the 5 clusters of the “Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness” pillar.

Check out the casemovie made by our partner Emove:


 1st edition
445 participants
 38 exhibits 
 +10 suppliers 


Strategic consultancy on many aspects, in order to conduct a complex project with several stakeholders from scratch. Manage all operational aspects, from communication to marketing and day-to-day event management.

Of”Cores managed to create a suitable setup to ensure the success of the conference. We have combined innovative and traditional event solutions, in order to get the best ROE – Return On Event.

Project management 

The keyword here is planning. Clients who hire an event agency, rely on them for all aspects. For the RTO Summit it included mainly the following responsibilities:

Budget creation, management & follow-up
 Timeline creation and follow-up
 Consultancy and best practices
 Creation of the event script, floor plan & briefing of all involved parties
Prepare the overall debrief

Event management 

 Supplier negotiation and management
 Venue management and logistics of the overall event
 Exhibit support and coordination
Integration of digital technology fitting the event
 Printing support
Hotel room management & negotiation
 Registration, scanning & live badging
Support on goodies
Set-up the registration platform

Event marketing and communication

 Strategy & Action Plan: Pre-, during- & post event marketing & communication  
Creative design, online and offline campaign
 Create & manage the event app 
 Building the event website
Send out mailings
Video production: event movie (aftermovie) 
 Drafting a survey

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Case study Masters of Digital 2018 in Brussels


For the second edition of the Masters of Digital, DIGITALEUROPE partnered-up with Of”Cores to manage their Digital Policy Conference. Moreover, the Masters of Digital 2018 did not only gather 300 participants, it has also launched the very first DIGITALEUROPE SME award.

The conference took place on the 20th February 2018 at the Steigenberger Wiltcher’s Brussels and covered several hot topics related to digitalisation and artificial intelligence, the next technology in Europe.

Check out the event movie made by our partner Emove:


 2nd edition
300 participants
23 speakers 


Our team supported DIGITALEUROPE to organize the second edition of the Masters of Digital. We managed to create the most suitable setup to ensure the success of the conference. Our event solutions:

Event marketing and communication

 Support on goodies
 Video production: event movie and interviews with key speakers

Project management 

Budget creation and follow-up
 Timeline creation and follow-up
 Consultancy and best practices
 Report and statistics

Event management 

 Supplier negotiation and management
 Venue management and logistics of the overall event
 Hotel room management
Creation of the event script, floor plan & briefing of all involved parties
Integration of digital technology fitting the event
 Sponsor support and coordination
 Printing support
 Registration, scanning & live badging

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This was BAM Marketing Congress 2017

For the third year in a row, the Belgian Association of Marketing (BAM) partnered up with Of”Cores to manage their annual Marketing Congress. The 36th edition of this top-notch event took place on December 7-8 in Brussels Expo. BAM unites all marketing minded professionals with a common mission: create added value and relationships with your customers in a sustainable way.

This annual meet-up with passionate marketing, sales & communication professionals is the flagship event of the year for BAM. The two-days congress included an inspiring programme with international keynotes, a Marketing and Startup Village, the Belgium’s New Brand of the Year Award ceremony, a series of Lunch & Learn sessions and a networking party.




1250 attendees
  69 sponsors and exhibitors
  Non-stop Volvo shuttles
  25 keynote speakers
  10 Lunch & Learn
  687 Marketing Congress App downloads


Of”Cores teamed up with BAM on the 2017 Congress organisation and provided a thorough support that contributed to the success of the event:

Project management

Creation of an overall strategy, project plan, timeline and action plan
Guarantee the necessary integration of technology, innovation and creativity                      
Registration management: platform set-up, manage registrations, invoicing, administration, communication
Venue management and logistics of the overall event
Creation of the floorplan, exhibition concept and meeting points
Print and digital signage
Creation of the event script & briefing of all involved parties

Event communications

 Congress Marketing & Communication Strategy
Event website development & daily updates
Mobile marketing, such as event app setup and management
Event mailings, as well the campaign mailings as practical details communication
Social media management & re-targeting
Creative design: identity, campaign and operational integration
Video creation including video interviews with partners
Direct mail & printed ads


Strategy, creation of opportunities & collaterals
Pro-active search for partners, dealing with requests
Negotiations, contracting and integration of sponsors
Day-to-day management of sponsors
Deliver the promised visibility & return

…and much more!



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5 event technologies to impress your audience

Of”Cores is happy to share five creative event technologies tailor-made for you that will surely surprise more than one of your attendees.

If you’re looking for an unusual and unique way to impress your audience at every stage of their event experience, we’ve put together everything you need!

Here are out-of-the-box ideas to make your event one to remember:

1.    Innovative fridges: visually appealing information

Of”Cores makes the most of digital screens to display visual information during an event such as programme, video clips, food menu or specific branding. For instance, a brand-new event technology from LG in partnership with Novid displayed the food menu on every fridge at BAM Marketing Congress in December. Attendees simply choose their selection by looking at the fridge and then take their food out of the designated place.

2.    Facial recognition registration: cutting-edge first impression

You want to make your event even more appealing? Impress your attendees from the start with the facial recognition registration. This event technology is used more and more for fast and cutting-edge check-in experience. The guests can therefore register before the event by taking a selfie with their own electronic device or using their social media profiles. This technology still being very new, Of’’Cores would be delighted to support you so your company can be one of the first to offer it!

3.    Throwable mic: event technology and fun

Let’s surprise the attendees by drawing their attention to a soft, throwable mic. While stage mic is made to be used on the stage, audience mic is thrown into the air when someone has a question. It’s not just faster, you also make your event fun. This cutting-edge event technology encourages the people to take part and break the ice. In addition, Of’’Cores will personalise your throwable mic with your company or event branding to make a lasting impression. If you catch it, you’ll adopt it!

4.    3D audience body scan: techy souvenir

If you’re looking for a customised goodie to offer your guests along with a fun experience, the Treedy’s body scanner might be a great fit. This revolutionary device is brought to you by a Belgian 3D body scanning technology provider. 3D capture technology is made for scanning human body in order to provide body measurement. Applied to events, their 3D image is then sent by email to the guests and they can even print it as a figurine!

5.    A LEDwall system for modular aluminium frames

Novid has developed a LEDwall in order to make interactive and creative booth solutions. It has a high resolution and an indoor and outdoor use. This is why every rental company needs.

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Case study EDAA Summit 2017 in London


For many European associations & organisations, their annual event is a crucial highlight of the year. It is very powerful aspect of their marketing strategy, a perfect opportunity to reinforce the association’s value proposition. These projects are not only labor-intensive, they also require various skills.

The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance, EDAA, teamed up with Of”Cores to set up a second successful edition of their EDAA Summit, after a positive collaboration on the inaugural summit the year before. This event took place on the 28th of November at the Renaissance St Pancras Hotel in London.

The EDAA is a Brussels-based organisation that acts as a central licensing body for Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA). The 2017 EDAA Summit gathered advertisers, policy makers, advertising agencies, as well as representatives from the direct marketing and the media sector.

Check out the event movie by our partner Emove:


2nd edition
150 participants
15 speakers


Our team supported the EDAA to organise the second edition of their Summit. We managed to create the most suitable setup to ensure the success of the conference. We provided:

Event Marketing & Communication:

Creative identity of the event
Digital marketing: conference website, satisfaction survey
Video production: event movie and interviews with key speakers and stakeholders
Event collateral and branding
All delegate communications

Event Management:

Supplier negotiation, selection and management
Hotel room management
Venue management and logistics of the overall event
Creation of the event script, floor plan & briefing of all involved parties

Project Management:

Budget creation and follow-up
Timeline creation and follow-up
Consultancy, advice and best-practices
Survey, report and statistics

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6 tips to tweet successfully at an event

How to tweet successfully at an event

You’re attending a top-notch conference and want to let your followers know? Live-tweeting is a great way to engage with your audience and get involved in a conversation around a specific topic. Keep in mind that this online tool requires a strategic approach. No one pays attention to a blurry visual and using too many hashtags is annoying. You need to provide value by posting a useful, educational tweet and qualitative, powerful pictures.

To stay performing while live-tweeting, we give you some tips:


Infographics twitter OfCores


Want to engage with your audience through a live social media solution? We are constantly on the look out for the latest innovations, trends, event technologies and applications that deliver value and improve your event efficiency. Lets connect!

Destination in the spotlight: Croatia

Exploring and screening destinations pro-actively is an important part of our mission. Event professionals need to know as many destinations as possible, and as detailed as possible, this in order to consult to their customers perfect-fit destinations and venues for their projects.

On this occassion we screened a destination more to the Western part of Europe. We have to say we made a very good choice! We visited Croatia, more specificaly the Dalmatian region. What a discovery!

In this article we highlight the city of Split as well as Hvar island, a hidden gem with potential for residential seminars over the next years.


Split is the 2nd biggest city in Croatia and located at the Adriatic Sea. A city easily reachable by its own airport with direct flights from all over Europe (during high season). Split airport is also building a brand new terminal, and therefor we expect an even more spectacular increase soon in terms of flight connections.

The old town of Split is a Unesco Heritage site since 1979 and definitely worth a visit.

In terms of international hotels we selected Le Méridien Lav, a 5* resort in Podstrana which is only 8 km away from the centre of Split. The resort is located at the seaside and has his own marina.

Also foodies will find their way around this hotel as it boasts 7 restaurants and bars on-site! Since July their private beach club opened as well.

Le Méridien Lav is not only an ideal destination for leisure, but as it houses the largest conference venue in town, it is also the ideal venue for your business meetings. The largest function room can take up to 800 persons in theatre style and 450 for banquets. Additionally it has 7 break-outs rooms and a terrace that complete the conference centre.

And If you want to try your luck, you can now also visit the casino which opened  recently and is located in the same building as the hotel.


Next to the mainland, Croatia consists of over a thousand of Islands, of which the largests are Cres and Krk. Although the most well-known is Hvar. Some famous celebrities like Beyoncé, Tom Cruise and Bono are spending their holidays on this island every year.

Coastal Experience hosted us on a boat trip and we had a first stop-over in the harbour of Hvar. After a pleasant walk with a lot of stairs, the breathtaking view we got at the fortress was totally worth the effort! The whole fortress can be rented out for the organization of events, and hosting your guests here for a walking dinner after a conference in Le Meridien will be an unforgettable experience. The rental fee for the fortress is more than reasonable, and the possibilities are endless!

Also, a Four Seasons hotel is under cunstruction on the island, a next step in the development of the destination.

We discovered many potential venues in Split & Hvar as well as over the other islands.

Discovering a destination with true potential for our customers really excites us, and we were trully impressed by Split and the surrounding islands.

Still looking for your next meeting destination? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

8 stats you didn't know about business events

We’ve compiled a list of 8 business events related stats to help you better understand attendees expectations and challenges faced by event organisers around the globe.

 50% of B2B companies say the biggest challenge in throwing an event is getting people to respond to invites. (Hubspot)

88% of event professionals said using an event app had a positive impact on attendee satisfaction. (Guidebook)

86% of event attendees rate an event app as a top 3 aspect that made their time at an event more enjoyable. (Guidebook)

83% of corporate marketers say that events drive sales better than awareness (Chron)

20-30 minutes : Amount of time preferred by attendees for a presentation (single-speaker event). (MPI Meetings Outlook – 2016 Summer Edition)

74% of event attendees say that they have a more positive opinion about the company, brand, product or service being promoted after the event. (EMI & Mosaic)

66% of people attending an event engage in online activities during the event. (Bizzabo)

30% of event attendees tickets purchasers look up future events from the same organiser after they’ve attended an event. (Bizzabo)

Were you surprised by some facts? We’d be pleased to hear your thoughts and discuss how to bring your event to the next level together.
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Be in the forefront of the Belgian marketing community

Whether you’re interested in featuring your brand, exhibiting your services, speaking on stage or all three, we probably have valuable partnership opportunities to bring your company to the forefront of the Belgian marketing community.

B2B events for sales, communication and marketing professionals

The three leading Belgian marketing organisations STIMA, the IAB-Belgium and the BDMA recently merged into BAM, the Belgian Association of Marketing. BAM hosts exclusive B2B events intended for marketing, communication and sales professionals:

The Marketing Congress
▸ The Rentrée
▸ Marketer of the Year
▸ The Cuckoo Awards
▸ Legal Day
▸ Brand Cafés
… many more events and several marketing trainings!

How to sponsor

Interested in getting involved as a key partner in those events? BAM works together with Of”Cores to deliver win-win event partnerships with sponsors.

We would be happy to assist you with:

▸ Tailored sponsorship that fits your business and marketing needs
▸ Brainstorming to create “out of the box” sponsoring opportunities
▸ Structural partnership

Don’t miss out on the best deals to position your company!

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How to build a successful event website

Your event website is an essential part of your event marketing strategy. It gives your attendees the first impression on your event: consider it as part of the overall experience.

The website generally acts as the core repository for online information about the event. Besides creating awareness, its objective over time is also to drive registrations to your event.

Whether you decide to work with your in-house webmaster or an external trusted expert, keep in consideration that having a knowledge of the event business can really make a difference when designing the event website. Having an effective website will put your event on your potential attendees’ top of mind.

Here are some key tips on how to design an effective website for your next congress or conference.

1. Provide immediate information

A good website navigation can sensibly impact registration rates. The expected information must be found within a few clicks: if your visitor is looking for the timing of the event, he should get this information within a few seconds.

A typical navigation menu will comprise of:

An attractive landing page highlighting the value proposition of your event
Speakers presentation with pictures, biography, links to their social profiles or websites
Programme agenda displaying the streams, rooms, speakers and highlighting any networking opportunities
Registration information including pricing and how to sign up
Sponsors section showcasing your partners logo and links to their websites
Practical information including date, travel and hotel arrangements
About section and contact information about the organiser
Legal information: copyright, cancellation policy and legal terms
Other optional sections including press and media page or a blog

2. Connect with interactive features

To enable your guests to already network days before the event, think about including a section that promotes your event App and link to the App Store or Android Store where the guests can download it straightly. Another option would be to place a QR code to be scanned on-screen.

Social Hubs like Pictawall also enable visual conversations within your participants thanks to an aggregated social media online wall. Find an example here.

Be sure to mention how the participants can connect with the organiser, with social media icons linking to your main social networks for example.

3. Create valuable and eye-catchy content

The content must be informative and include sufficient call to action to convert an interested visitor. Pictures and videos from past editions are great opportunities to share the atmosphere of your conference through a past edition.

Once the event has passed, maintain the website updated at all times to keep the conversation going with post-event information such as presentations, video interviews, press coverage and pictures.

4. Adjust technical features that will make your good website great

By 2018, it’s expected people will spend more than two and a half hours on their phones and an hour and 20 minutes on their computers*. Responsive design – allowing your website to adapt to the device your users are viewing it on – is a must!

While images must be qualitative, consider optimising their size to reduce the load time. The readers don’t want to wait to get the information they need.

Need help to build your event website?
Of’’Cores event managers can assist your company on this specific aspect of your event communications or organise your event from A to Z, with no obligation to collaborate on the long term. Shall we meet to discuss your needs?

*Source: Digiday

5 venues to organise an event in Belgium

How to deal with venue search for small events…

Each city has numerous directories of event venues online, but Internet can be very misleading. When looking into a venue for smaller events, qualitative hotel brands are often safe choices as they generally respond to a list of standards. Obviously, we always recommend visiting your selected venue before contracting it, but we understand that it might not always be feasible for smaller projects. Your knowledge of the industry and negotiation skills will help you to find the best value for money. Anybody could contract a venue for a smaller project: you will be confronted to some pitfalls but the damage will remain limited.

…to large congresses

But what about large congresses, meetings, conferences, trade shows? The number of venues suitable for large events is limited; each property has its own strategy, limitations, opportunities, terms and conditions. This complex landscape requires support from specialists: without a thoughtful experience, you might face negative surprises and pay each mistake in cash. Once the contract is signed, there is no way back and that one signature might have a huge impact on additional, sometimes hidden, venue costs, but also on catering, technical requirements, decoration, transportation, security and cleaning.

We’ve made you a selection of 5 large event venues in Belgium. In case you need support to organise your event, our specialists provide event services for short to long-term projects.


The Mons International Congress Xperience is a sustainable congress center and architectural masterpiece by Daniel Libeskind located in Mons. The MICX consists of 3 auditoria and 14 rooms, from 10 to 1000 people.

Why you should go there?

To deal with brand new tailor-made spaces and services for your meetings and conferences
To welcome your guests in the European capital of Culture 2015
For its ideal location, cross between Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne and London and close to Brussels National and Charleroi airport

Twitter: @MICX_Mons

Elisabeth Center Antwerp

Renovated at the end of 2016, Elisabeth Center Antwerp can accommodate up to 2500 seats over an area of 25.000 m2. This congress center offers several rooms combining successfully the charm of the traditional architecture with modern facilities. You’ll find this venue in the historic center of Antwerp, in the middle of Belgium’s most famous Zoo.

Why you should go there?

To immerse your audience in a very peaceful and unique surrounding and make them experience this magic setting between tropical animals
 For the acoustic, the variety of technical options, the sustainability and the multi-functionality of the rooms

Twitter: @FMCCAbelgium

Brussels Expo

Located in the shadow of the Atomium, Brussels expo is the leader on the Belgian market due to its biggest exhibition space. Its Art Deco venues, including Palais 12 and several exhibition halls, can suit for 400 to 10 000 persons.

Why you should go there?

To find an ideal solution to your hybrid event including exhibition facilities, cocktail party and dinner setup
For the exceptional accessibility by public and private transports and… the view on the Atomium!

Twitter : @brussels_expo

The Egg Brussels

This versatile 5.000m2 event venue can welcome up to 999 guests, in a modular auditorium and 4 meeting rooms. This location is situated in the heart of Brussels in the south district.

Why you should go there?

To express your own creativity through its inversed library, trendy terrace and mezzanine and to offer connected experiences to your target audience thanks to its outstanding and innovative services
For its central situation: walking distance to Midi Station with international connexions (Eurostar, Thalys) and quick train ride to Brussels International Airport and Charleroi Airport

Twitter: @TheEggBrussels

Flanders Expo Ghent

Built in 1986 and recently renovated, Flanders Expo is the biggest exhibition space in Flanders and Belgium’s second biggest one. Its 54.000m2 includes 8 exhibition halls, a conference and seminar center and 3 restaurants. It is located in Gent.

Why you should go there?

To be surprised by its brand new, design conscious and high tech meeting center
For its accessibility and parking facilities, located by the E40 motorway and accessible by tram from Gent

Twitter: @flandersexpo

Need help to find the best venue for your event?

Of’’Cores provides event services for short to long term projects. Our event managers can assist your company on a specific aspect of your event or organise it from A to Z, with no obligation to collaborate on the long term. Let’s meet!

Advice from an event manager for your EU institutional event

10 golden rules from our expert in institutional events

If you’re considering organising an event, the following advice might be useful to you.

1 – Negotiate and communicate continuously with suppliers since the beginning.
It is time consuming but essential to the success of your project! Select the right suppliers for the right mission, nowadays you only want to work with experts. Your weakest supplier might be a real threat to the success of your project.

2 – Organise a site inspection at the venue.
This allows you to better visualise the event and its floor plan and establish the overall schedule.

3 – If hosting a series of events, try to host them in the same venue.
It will help you reducing your costs and investment. In addition, they might make you an interesting offer the following year.

4 – Look for any public event that could harm yours.
What’s going on the same day as your event? If your event takes place in the Brussels EU area, ensure there is no European Summit on this day.

5 – Optimise your costs.
If your dates are flexible, try to select calmer days. This will allow you to negotiate better deals with suppliers. In case it takes place during the peak season, make sure to book all suppliers a long time in advance. Sometimes investing in technology can also save a lot of money, as it contributes to increase your overall efficiency.

European event organisation - Translation services6 – Build your suppliers network.
A/V companies, catering, translation services, photographers, video crew, venues, goodies… Maintaining a trustful relationship with all your suppliers is crucial. You need suppliers that will go the extra mile for you, that think together on how to add value to your event. Everything moves so fast nowadays that your network of suppliers is a crucial element in order to set up a top-notch project.

7 – SPOC is his name.
A SPOC, Single Point Of Contact, will make your life much easier! If you want to outsource a bunch of tasks, make sure you can outsource them to one person who understands your needs and who will deal with any kind of issues.

8 – Manage administrative tasks on a daily basis.
Never neglect your administrative duties. A close follow-up of your in/out invoices and a rigorous monitoring of the financial stability of the event are especially relevant.

9 – Get prepared to organise travel & hotel arrangements.
Your guests, VIP’s and speakers might need support before and during their stay.

10 – Increase the reach of your event.
Live broadcast, webinar, presentation sharing… Engage your audience and allow guests to participate even if they are not able to join physically.

Working as a Project/Communications Manager at a European institution?

You probably know how difficult it is to deal with event management & event communications, as events are typically challenging peaks throughout the season. Your organisation doesn’t necessarily have the resources to hire one or several full-time employees to fill these gaps, you might be interested in the services of an event manager. Freelancer, short-term contract or task force, your challenge is to find the right person – without making any compromise on the quality of your event!

You need to plan working groups, press conferences, member state visits, internal meetings or VIP dinners but don’t know how to manage?

Of’’Cores provides worldwide event services for short to long term projects. Our experts in domains such as event management, event marketing and communications and event technology can assist your organisation on a specific or recurring event, with no obligation to collaborate on the long term. Let’s meet!










Destination in the spotlight: Portugal

Portugal, located in the Southwestern of Europe and part of the so-called Iberian Peninsula, famous for his port-wine and Cristiano Ronaldo. A great destination for both business and leisure. In this article we will highlight a few spots located at approximately 30 km from Lisbon: Sintra & Cascais.


Cascais is a coastal town and a former fishermen village, and it is the perfect getaway after a busy meeting in Lisbon.

Located at only 30 minutes from Lisbon, it’s the perfect spot to relax after some heavy days of work.
It may not be surprising that Biarritz (France) is one of the sister towns of Cascais, both are well-known by the adepts of all kinds of surfing. The place to be to practice these sports are at the Guincho coast, also known for good and high quality fish restaurants.

Along the coast side the Farol Design Hotel is a hidden gem. Modern, trendy, splendid views overlooking the sea and spacious bedrooms. It’s a great escapade after a trip to Lisbon to relax and enjoy the weather. There are many restaurants in the neighborhood, but you should also try their own kitchen. At lunchtime they serve excellent sushi’s at the poolside bar.


Sintra is famous for it’s Unesco Heritage site “Parco da Pena”.

A walk through this breathtaking parc will take you up to it’s beautifull Palacio and Castelo dos Mouros. As the Palacio is located at the top of a (small) mountain, it may disappears entirely on a cloudy day. You may feel like being in a fairy tale when entering and your guests might do so too, because the venue can be rented for events!

If you are looking more for the combination golf, spa & resort for your meeting and all this in a venue with an historial setting, you might like the Penha Longa Resort. Located not far from Sintra and only a 30-minute drive from Lisbon Airport.

The hotel is built on the grounds of an old monastery and entirely renovated with respect for it’s history. Some of the function rooms are situated in the former monastery. Your guest will surely be impressed when you let them enter by the church!
With 5 in-house restaurants, there’s no need to exit the resort for lunch or dinner. Two of them are in collaboration with the 2-star Michelin chef Sergi Arola.
The hotel disposes of 194 bedrooms and can be entirely privatised.

Still looking for your next meeting destination? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

10 reasons to hire Of”Cores as your corporate event planner

Save time

Organising events is time consuming, especially if you’re not a specialist. Let Of”Cores secure the right venue and manage all different suppliers. You will not only save time, but also save costs, eliminate risks and get your event on the rails efficiently. While we focus on building a successful event that matches your needs, you can focus on your core business.

Forget about stress

No need to worry about the pre-production, event logistics and last-minute requests. In case you underestimate it, keep in mind that event management was ranked n° 5 most stressful job by Forbes! Our flexibility remains one of our strengths and our event managers will take care of every single detail before, during and after your event.

A trustful 24/7 partner

Our event managers guarantee a smooth and top-notch event experience. If questions or problems arise, you can be sure that our event team will handle the situation immediately and with the right discretion. During the event, our team is available at all time for clients, attendees, partners and suppliers.

Event service from A to Z

Not only the planning, monitoring, supplier negotiation but also sponsorship management, decoration and online registration are part of our job. And yes, you can call us whether you need support to create a full event experience or only to manage one specific aspect of your event.

Promote your event

Your event needs to be part of your marketing mix. Our experts help you to create strategies applied to your event by activating the suitable marketing touch points in order to generate measurable business results.

Meet your budget expectations

Wondering how you can actually save money by hiring an event manager? Over the years, Of”Cores has build a broad network of the best suppliers and partners worldwide. We know where to get the best value for money for each aspect. Thanks to our long-term relationships with them, we help you to keep additional costs to the strict minimum.

Bring out creativity & innovation

We follow the latest trends in all aspects related to events to make the most out of the most recent innovative ideas. Your event will be the first to play with the latest trends. Our team loves to brainstorm on finding the right creative concept, so please challenge us!

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things. We do both for you.

It’s all about technology

Technology is an ongoing process and evolves rapidly. On one hand, we invest in technology to work faster and more efficiently. On the other hand, technology can improve and facilitate certain requirements such as networking, brand awareness, lead generation, ROI measurement, etc.

International network

We plan and organise international events on a daily basis. Of”Cores has built a large network of partners, which makes it easier to find the best suppliers almost anywhere in the world. We invest time to stay informed on different hotspots worldwide and have connections to make the unthinkable possible.

Sit back, relax & enjoy

A fun team of professionals covers your project. You will not only exceed expectations, on top of that you will enjoy and have fun in your project. We might suffer a bit, but that’s what we love – we are passionate about events!

Need some support to set up a top-notch event? Get in touch with the team today!

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Case study We are VUB Congress


On Tuesday 26th of May, the We are VUB Congress took place in the Egg, Brussels. The VUB Community created a new image to enter into a new strategic direction. Professors, students, alumni and scientists of the VUB gathered and expressed their impact and personal engagement with the whole VUB community.

VUB teamed up with Of”Cores to emphasise the drive and DNA of the VUB community into a brand new VUB story. Our team added an extra dimension to the event by providing creative signage installation, event marketing materials and an overall consultancy service regarding logistics of the conference. The team also coordinated on site before, during and after the conference to ensure the smooth running of all aspects including venue management, registration and last minute requests.

Here is what the clients say about our collaboration:

Of”Cores was the perfect match to give an extra dimension to our VUB congress! During the preparations of the event, we had an excellent collaboration and an open communication. They delivered us assistance to build visually appealing marketing materials and during the event we could call the team at any time when we needed them.
Even in stressful situations, the Of”Cores team provided the right solutions. It was a great experience.
Johanna Steegen and Karlien Haelternman, Event Coordinators VUB

Experiencing some difficulties during the preparations of your event? Of”Cores delivers the necessary support to understand your needs and collaborates closely with your team to create a top-notch event. Get in touch with our team today!

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