5 event technologies to impress your audience

Of”Cores is happy to share five creative event technologies tailor-made for you that will surely surprise more than one of your attendees.

If you’re looking for an unusual and unique way to impress your audience at every stage of their event experience, we’ve put together everything you need!

Here are out-of-the-box ideas to make your event one to remember:

1.    Innovative fridges: visually appealing information

Of”Cores makes the most of digital screens to display visual information during an event such as programme, video clips, food menu or specific branding. For instance, a brand-new event technology from LG in partnership with Novid displayed the food menu on every fridge at BAM Marketing Congress in December. Attendees simply choose their selection by looking at the fridge and then take their food out of the designated place.

2.    Facial recognition registration: cutting-edge first impression

You want to make your event even more appealing? Impress your attendees from the start with the facial recognition registration. This event technology is used more and more for fast and cutting-edge check-in experience. The guests can therefore register before the event by taking a selfie with their own electronic device or using their social media profiles. This technology still being very new, Of’’Cores would be delighted to support you so your company can be one of the first to offer it!

3.    Throwable mic: event technology and fun

Let’s surprise the attendees by drawing their attention to a soft, throwable mic. While stage mic is made to be used on the stage, audience mic is thrown into the air when someone has a question. It’s not just faster, you also make your event fun. This cutting-edge event technology encourages the people to take part and break the ice. In addition, Of’’Cores will personalise your throwable mic with your company or event branding to make a lasting impression. If you catch it, you’ll adopt it!

4.    3D audience body scan: techy souvenir

If you’re looking for a customised goodie to offer your guests along with a fun experience, the Treedy’s body scanner might be a great fit. This revolutionary device is brought to you by a Belgian 3D body scanning technology provider. 3D capture technology is made for scanning human body in order to provide body measurement. Applied to events, their 3D image is then sent by email to the guests and they can even print it as a figurine!

5.    A LEDwall system for modular aluminium frames

Novid has developed a LEDwall in order to make interactive and creative booth solutions. It has a high resolution and an indoor and outdoor use. This is why every rental company needs.

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