How to facilitate networking at business events?

Increase networking at events with the Matchmaking App feature!

Events are unique opportunities to meet and being introduced to new people.
But it appears that engaging a conversation with unknown people at an event can be challenging for most attendees.

Today, corporate event organisers are willing to facilitate networking at business events simply because this is one of the success factors that guarantees attendees’ satisfaction after an event. The more connections and potential leads they build, the more likely they are going to recommend the event.

App Networking ConferenceHow to facilitate networking at business events?

Since we love to be on the lookout for innovative and technological tools, Of”Cores decided to collaborate with TapCrowd to help people to network at events. Our registration platform is connected to the Tapcrowd app, a unique collaboration with impressive results!

TapCrowd helps companies, organisations and events to connect with their audience through mobile apps and mobile campaigns. They created in collaboration with Of”Cores a great Matchmaking module that can be included within our clients’ dedicated event App.

The Attendees List and Matchmaking modules allow registered attendees to:

Search a company or name in the full list of attendees
Find a suggestion of 20 “matching” profiles within the attendees list, based on business-related characteristics provided during registration
Send on-site meeting request to other attendees, with an agreed timing and pre-defined meeting point in the venue
Connect with other attendees on LinkedIn
Write direct messages to other attendees

Based on the guests’ profile while preserving privacy, TapCrowd’ rocket-science algorithm matches attendees with others, encouraging them to connect and meet onsite through the user-friendly App.

Why you should use the Matchmaking feature?

Networking at events

Networking becomes a lot easier for your attendees before, during and after your event.

The attendees can come prepared with a view on the guest list and decide in advance the key people they want to meet during the event for business purposes.The day(s) of the event, they send a quick meeting request and meet at the agreed time and location at the venue. After the event, they can follow-up easily by email or LinkedIn.

As event organiser, we make sure that the App is well integrated within the event planning and logistics, for example by creating digital visuals to promote the App usage onsite and creative meeting points at strategic locations.

Lastly, the meeting points can be an excellent visual opportunity to position your partners. By sponsoring the networking areas, they can create an inspiring experience for the attendees and position their brand as a business enabler. The guests will remember it, sponsors will love it!

Looking for an innovative approach to boost business connections at your next event? Looking to extend the life cycle of your event and maximize the ROE (Return On Event)?

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