How to increase event efficiency with event management, websites & registration software?

Full-option event websites as from € 700 only
Since event management costs a lot of time and hard work, Of”Cores decided to invest in outstanding software that covers many vital aspects of the event planning lifecycle in order to improve your event efficiency.

Besides modules for budgeting, project management, scheduling, communication, call for papers, seating and many more, the software allows us to create your personal event website and full-option registration. We efficiently set up a customised website, including a registration module with the purpose to optimise attendee, speaker and exhibitor registrations for both your internal and external events. Event efficiency is key!

Event websites and registration – Features and benefits:

  • Event efficiency software website Of CoresCustomised event website with personalised URL with unlimited tabs as from € 700 only!
  • A user-friendly registration process
  • Possibility to book hotel rooms within the registration page
  • Convenient and secure online payment for your guest’s event and hotel bookings
  • Automated invoicing
  • All administration managed for you
  • An incredible service-minded team at your disposal

This combination of innovation, automation and top-notch service gives us the opportunity to deliver you an exclusive product that is efficient and provides your attendees with a professional first impression of your event.

Of”Cores offers you event websites and registration as you have never experienced before! Contact us at for more information or a price quote.


An application to transform your phone into a microphone

What is Crowd Mics?

Crowd Mics is an application that turns the audience’s smartphone into a wireless microphone. It means that the audience can talk through their phone and be heard over the sound system, so everyone has a wireless microphone. Crowd Mics also includes text commenting and polling and is very user friendly.

The concept of Crowd Mics has arisen while the two brothers, Sean and Tim Holladay, were in a meeting and couldn’t hear the audience questions or comments. It suddenly hit co-founder Sean: “I can FaceTime someone across the world and see and hear them fine, but I can’t hear that person in the room with me. Why can’t I use my phone as a wireless microphone?”

How does it work?

The speaker on stage plugs an iOS or Android device into the room’s sound system using the Crowd Mics app and creates an event name with password. Everyone downloads the free Crowd Mics app, connects to the same wireless router and joins the event. Now the audience can participate with voice commenting, text commenting and polling.

When someone wants to ask a question or make a comment, the person simply needs to tap the “Request to Talk” button on their device, and the presenter will see a list of people who want to talk in the order of the requests.

Why use Crowd Mics?

Crowd-mics-logo– The app doesn’t require an Internet connection
– You can download the app for free
– You don’t need to provide everyone with microphones
– The focus is less on the mic and more on the discussion
– It generates true interaction and participation

Discover Crowd Mics’ benefits at one of the next Of”Cores events!